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TL;DR: 28lb/12kg lost in 3 months. Mantra: eat anything, but little.

These are my observations on myself, obviously, they may differ for others.

I could’ve made this more scientific (like finding fat % and lean body mass %, weight logging every day, other vitals, the scientific reasoning behind the observations, etc), but I guess I was just lazy to do the work and honestly didn’t expect this method would work so successfully.

I would absolutely recommend a much better article written by Andrej Karpathy on a similar topic that goes into the depths of how weight loss works. This article…

I am an international student. I wanted to specialize in Deep Learning, so I joined MEng in AI.

I can’t speak of undergrad, thesis, Ph.D. or other professors at UC. My duration here was roughly around 8 months, so take this review for what it’s worth.


I was at UC for 2 semesters. I had to choose 4 courses each semester, of which 1 would be non-technical like entrepreneurship, leadership etc. The 6 other courses are related to AI, no unrelated mandatory course which is great.

Intelligent Systems

This is THE BEST course at UC for me. The course starts off with…

A short story on AI

The following short story is a repost from kMITRA written by myself, with a few changes.

The year is 2035, I lost her to a car accident three years ago. She was the love of my life. The unbearable grief amplified with every other day. I lost my job at VirtualMind Inc. and started spending all of my time creating a robotic replica of her. Humanity has developed robotic citizens that have passed the Turing test. AI has advanced much faster than anticipated.

Years have passed, her replica is ready. She looks perfectly identical, yet doesn’t know who I am…


I am obsessed with Deep Learning 🧠, Productivity 👨🏻‍💻 and Space Exploration 🪐

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