My Successful Weight Loss Strategy

What I did:

I didn’t do anything crazy
Small increments overtime becomes a large increment. There’s no sudden change of habits, I could’ve taken it at any comfortable pace. And the actual diet is not something totally different from my regular diet.

  • 12 PM: A typical South-Indian food — rice with some vegetable curry. But only about 5–10 spoons of rice and just enough curry for the rice.
  • Evening: Nothing or a handful of some snacks. I had a regular habit of eating Samosa or other snacks in the evenings when I was in India which is still hard to get rid of. I cheated many times by eating a lot of potato chips in the evenings which always had an immediate effect of 0.5–1 lb increase in weight the next day.
  • 8 PM: Same as lunch

Why it works

This diet works because of the simple fact that you consume fewer calories than you burn. You might ask “Alternatively, I can eat normally, but workout twice as much, right?”. Well, maybe, but the human body is highly efficient in burning energy for workouts. Surprisingly, staying alive takes a lot of energy than working out (please don’t take this as an excuse to not go to the gym, the workout is part of my weight loss). I know I can’t keep working out for hours and waste my time burning more than 2000 calories a day, so I did the opposite, consume less than 2000 calories a day.


My weight data from Google Fit
  • After following the diet, I weigh 140 lb (63.5 kg) and still decreasing. A weight loss of 28 lb (12.7 kg)
  • However, those days are few, because on average, about 0.25 pounds (0.11 kg) a day is what I saw.
  • The chart above is taken from my Google Fit data. I know, I wish I had more data points.
  • Now, I still have thin belly fat that is visible without the shirt, but I would look absolutely flat in a t-shirt with no struggle. Good news, the love handles are gone. They exist, but not as much as I would consider fatty. I don’t think I lost fat in my thighs
  • I noticed that the volume of my body decreased. I became a tiny bit slender.

Advantages of this diet:

  • You can eat whatever the hell you want. Consider some other diet that recommends eating a certain food only, then you’re likely eating the same food every day and you won’t like it after a while. Parties and gatherings mean that you must break your diet, but not with the diet I followed.
  • After following this for a couple of months, my body got comfortable with small bowls of food and I didn’t feel like eating a lot. It became a habit. A habit, good or bad, is hard to get rid of.


  • Humans have a natural craving for eating a lot of delicious food. How can one control that, especially when others around you are eating a lot of tasty food? Well, you will still eat that delicious food, albeit not as much as others. In my case, I was at an advantage because I was never a foodie. I eat whatever I have and move on to my work. So the craving factor was low.
  • I had no real metric to measure how healthy I was getting overtime. I was physically more active at most times. I didn’t get sick, no acid refluxes, no regrets. But what’s reality? “I feel good” doesn’t mean “I am healthy”. We need scientific tools to determine how healthy I was. And I have no idea what those tools are (maybe blood pressure machine, blood sugar level measuring machine? I don’t know) or how to get access to them. This is just me being lazy and ignorant. I did NOT feel better in one situation. You must have experienced almost passing out when you get up after sitting for a long time. I used to experience that many years ago AND after starting this diet plan. Once a couple of weeks, I almost fall down. This is definitely a sign that I am not gathering enough energy. I’m guessing that this is because I am running out of ATP buffer and there’s not enough glucose available in my skeletal muscle.


My diet, call it whatever you want (maybe low quant diet?), is really effective on me.

Body transformation from March 2020 to March 2021

Next Experiment

I’d like to test autophagy on my body. I’ll eat a lot, but only within a time window in a day, and no snacking.



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